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The Rules
These rules are to be written carefully. These rules count both on this site and in the game of Feral Heart, any rules broken on this site will either result in a permanent ban from the site and kick from the pack.

Rule #1

Respect all members and alphas, most of all OBEY the alphas and higher ranks

Rule #2

DO NOT MARK NEW MEMBERS OF THE PACK!!!!!! This is the alphas job and if you disobey this rule, you will be painfully punished. Yes you may help recruit in new members of the pack but DO NOT under any circumstances MARK a new member!

Rule #3

If your character has powers, DO NOT powerplay with them, what i mean dont always use your powers to win in a battle. You are however allowed to use your powers in battle, just do not always KILL them with your power, as a matter of fact dont use your powers to kill at all unless if the character you are targeting allows it

Rule #4

Do not powerplay PERIOD, i do not care if your character has very lethal powers, DO NOT POWERPLAY. Do not always win fights, Do not always kill others. Yes, Demons are powerful creatures but sometimes Demons do loose fights as well. Yes your character can be very strong than the average wolf, but that doesn't mean you cant be defeated.

Rule #5

Do not challenge neither of the Leaders. The Leaders will always be The Leaders. END OF STORY


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