The Mark

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The Mark

Post by Desoto on Sat May 30, 2015 10:42 pm

The Mark
The Mark is the second most important thing to the pack, this is a mark that cannot ever be removed, so think twice before you make the choice on joining the pack

The Mark takes its shape as a capital X carved and burned into the skin, the mark is also called the Hexes mark, it is a very special and ancient mark, it shows your loyalty to the pack and to the great Devil, this mark is painful but yet grand, it shows that you belong to the great Devil and of course Desoto. No one can undo the mark, once the mark is carved and burned into the skin, it stays there and no Desoto will not care if it puts a burden on your skin, it will be a burden you will carry for joining this pack.

The Mark will also be treated with respect and kindness, the best places to put it to show your greatest loyalty is in the Hip, Chest or Forehead

Note: You do not need to have the Mass Markings to add the Mark, just be sure you have it mentioned in your bio


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